The partnership between suppliers and printers is essential in many projects. Joint work between printers, machine suppliers and paper makers is improving everyone’s knowledge, and improves productivity, which is a must if print is to be competitive with other media in the future. SCA is actively taken part in several associations.


Promoting generic best practice for web offset printing

The Web Offset Champion Group was formed in 1998 to "champion" best practice in the web offset printing industry as a tool to improve productivity, quality and safety. The Group is a joint project of international suppliers working with other industry specialists, printers and associations throughout the world to publish best practice guides. GATF is a principal content contributor and are also exclusive distributors in North America.

Focus on total production process

The group's objective is to improve web offset productivity. This requires a cross-industry and cross-process approach because no single company can provide answers to all the variables of the press line and its consumables. Best practices are a tool to improve overall performance without making any capital investment. The potential returns are extremely high as each guide identifies ways to reduce processing costs, improve quality and reduce accidents.

Generic easy-to-read content

All web offset printers — irrespective of the brands of equipment or consumables that they use — can apply the generic content of guides. They provide printers with a base reference to best practice and effectively help transfer knowledge in a global industry.

Guides are written in a concise, easy-to-read style accompanied by numerous graphics and are intended to be read at all levels from managers to production employees. They explain how to work more efficiently, prevent errors, improve diagnostic procedures and help introduce new methods, standards and benchmarks.

Web Offset Champion Group

Best Practice Tool Box

This 242-page book is a collection of the seven separate best practice guides that have been published. Each of these 'tools' focuses on a specific theme that can be read in 1-2 hours to provide a complete overview of a subject. In addition, the introduction chapter provides an overview of the business context of best practice — economic benefits, business strategy, how to systematically apply best practices, key success factors and measurement. The guides (and this book) can be used in several ways:

  • To help managers optimise their manufacturing strategy, define key factors for success, and identify priorities;
  • To assist production managers in trouble-shooting and to help identify improvement projects;
  • To give process improvement team members a common understanding of a subject;
  • To discuss expectations, roles and procedures with customers, sales and production staff;
  • Provide a useful reference for experienced production staff, and assist printers new to web offset;
  • Refresher on basic best practices that are fundamental to productivity and quality.


The European Rotogravure Association, ERA, founded in 1956, has developed into the leading international organisation of the gravure industry. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting users of the gravure printing process. SCA Graphic Laakirchen has been a member since 1999.

ERA's mission is to promote gravure wherever it is applied and to contribute to the healthy continuity of the gravure industry.



The Nordic Association of Heatset Printers

Already in the 70's the heatset printers in Sweden had regular meetings discussing production related questions such as new materials and new technology. In the beginning of the 90's the group was extended to admit heatset printers in all Nordic countries as member companies; Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The group established a formal association and in 1999 the organization changed its name and is now called: The Nordic Association of Heatset Printers, NAHP. The organization's goal is to promote productivity and quality by initiating research projects and arranging interesting and educating activities such as seminars and study tours.



WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers is the leading international associations for print and digital news publishing, and represents more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites and over 3000 companies in more than 120 countries. WAN-IFRA is dedicated "to be the indispensable partner of newspapers and the entire news publishing industry worldwide, particularly our members, in the defence and promotion of press freedom, quality journalism and editorial integrity, and the development of prosperous businesses and technology."



The Paper Technology Specialist

Research and Consultancy for the Paper Industry

PTS is located in Germany and offers their customers from the paper industry services in the areas of research, consultancy, measuring and advanced training. PTS was established in 1951 as a foundation based on civil law. The foundation is funded by three founders and their member companies.

  • German Pulp and Paper Association (VDP)
  • German Employers' Association of the Paper and Plastics Converting Industry (HPV)
  • Paper Technology Research Association (FPT)



IGP is a group of companies working with issues related to the distribution of paper reels and paper sheets on pallets all through the entire distribution chain - from mill to end-user. The activities cover packing, handling, storing, load securing, handling equipment, work methods and work environment.

IGP aims to reducing damage and damage risks in all parts of the distribution chain. The group was founded in 1999 and has about 40 members representing many lines of trade: forest industry, transporters, insurers, harbours and manufacturers of handling equipment.

IGP is involved in

  • development of rational packing, handling, storing and distribution of paper products
  • load securing
  • development of handling equipment
  • development of work routines
  • minimisation of damage risks
  • design of training material