What's more important than our customers? Your customers.

Together, let’s make their business better. You know the market and your customers’ needs.
We know Kraftliners, the future of Kraftliners, and most importantly, we are an independent Kraftliner producer, which makes us flexible and efficient. We know how the right Kraftliners can save time, money and the environment.


Many liner suppliers on the market today have ready-made solutions that they will insist you need. We don’t share that point of view. Nobody knows your business or your customers like you do. So let’s start there. Our role as an independent and proud producer of our unique Kraftliner product range allows us to offer you better guidance and paper knowledge, all the way to the solution you need.


After all, your customer is always right.

'Together' digital

Your priorities are our priorities. Need proof? Look no further than this collection of bite-sized articles from our quarterly publication, ‘Together.’ Scroll down and you’ll find specific examples of our commitment to the things that are most important to you and your customers. Things like quality, sustainability, value, innovation and efficiency. We’re constantly updating it, so check back often.

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'Together' digital
'Together' digital


What you seed is what you get

Did you know that we plant 100 million trees every year? But it’s not just about quantity.

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It is easy being green

With all due respect to Kermit the Frog, for us being green is as easy as can be.

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SCA’s growing forests bind CO2

Combatting climate change is the biggest environmental challenge of our time.

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Fun facts

Myth buster

Myth: Paper made from recycled fibre is a more responsible choice than paper made from fresh fibre.

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Did you know?

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Why less is more

As you probably know, building a winning team isn’t always about who you add. Sometimes it’s about who you take away.

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To make a good first impression, look sharp

SCA Kraftliner White Top has a smoothness that truly enhances your perceived print quality.

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You asked, and we’re delivering

From the very beginning, SCA Kraftliner White Top was designed to meet your need for quality, durability and printability.

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The difference makes the difference

Like proud parents, we love telling the world that SCA Kraftliner White Top has a high delta gloss. But we also know that most people have no idea what ‘delta gloss’ is.

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Much more than a pretty face

Good-looking prints are just one of the many reasons why SCA Kraftliner White Top is best in its class.

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Saving ink never looked so good

Why do colours always seem so rich and clear when printed on SCA Kraftliner White Top? It’s all thanks to the composition of the liner.

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Good to know

Reel easy

Barcodes are now printed all the way around the reel belly.

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