Fresh ideas to boost your business

What improvements would make your business more profitable? A more efficient corrugation process? A more innovative workplace culture? Perhaps you would like a better understanding of the pulp and paper industry? Or maybe you’d like to optimise your supply and logistics services? Whatever your goals, our specialised performance programmes can help get you where you want to be.

SCA Optimisation Programme

The SCA Optimisation Programme is designed to make your design and corrugation processes as efficient as possible. A key component of this is the Corrugator Performance Audit, which involves a complete assessment of your corrugator’s performance with concrete recommendations to improve runability, efficiency and quality. Another component is SCA Smart Box, a digital simulation tool that lets you explore different designs without the risk of wasted materials, time or money.

SCA Innovation Programme

How much could you gain from a focused and controlled way of brainstorming new ideas? Not pie-in-the-sky ideas, but concepts with practical business potential and even preliminary designs. This is exactly what the SCA Innovation Programme is all about.

SCA Training Programme

What do you need to know about the corrugation process – single facer, double facer, board cutting and more? How do you diagnose and prevent problems such as warp, blistering and cockling? Are you selecting the optimal materials for each application? What factors affect board and box strength? And how do you get the best-looking prints? The SCA Training Programme helps you get ahead by deepening your knowledge of the business, process and products.

SCA Supply Programme

Our tailor-made logistics service programme includes all the components in the supply chain. Together we work to identify and minimise your cost drivers. You’ll get full control over your inventory, more efficient deliveries, less administrative work, and a more secure supply. The SCA Supply Programme offers you a complete overview of the entire process — from order to doorstep delivery.

SCA Optimisation

To help you get the full use of your corrugator and optimise the choice of liners, we have developed the Corrugated Performance Programme. During a 2–3 day audit, we analyse the complete corrugation process. We then recommend improvements on runnability, efficiency, quality and the overall performance of your corrugator. Note that many of the improvements we propose will be introduced and brought into practice during the audit. The results and recommendations of the full audit are presented in a detailed report that include recommendations on personnel, equipment, corrugator performance, waste reduction, and more.

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SCA Innovation

Our greatest R&D assets are the people working here and their high level of competence. We place great focus on finding methods to increase the speed of innovation, and have a number of labs where we develop prototypes and analyse perception. Along with our innovation insight room and state-of-the-art equipment, this creates an environment highly conducive to the process of innovation. As our customer you can take part in this through close working collaboration.

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SCA Training

Increase your knowledge of the business and work process, and get a better understanding of paper products. SCA Training Programme is a full-day performance programme that covers each step of the production process — Wood to Paper, Paper to Board, Board to Boxes. It also offers useful materials knowledge on Packaging Paper, Fluting, Corrugated Board, and Corrugated Box. And last but not least, Product Safety.

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SCA Supply

Experience the benefits of our tailor-made logistical service concept that includes all the components in the supply chain. Together we work to identify and minimise the cost drivers in your value chain. You will have the chance to enjoy full inventory control, more efficient delivery, reduced administration, and supply security. The SCA Supply Programme offers you a complete overview of the entire process — from order to final doorstep delivery.

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