The best looking prints on the market

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. SCA Kraftliner White Top really does make colours seem richer and fuller. Details sharper. Images clearer.


This is all thanks to the way it’s made. With a top layer of fresh birch
fibre, pressed to create a surface that is uncommonly smooth. So whether your prints are offset, flexographic or digital, you know they’ll look their absolute best. Every time.

Saving ink never looked so good

Why do colours always seem so rich and clear when printed on SCA Kraftliner White Top? It’s all thanks to the composition of the liner.

Over many years, our in-house R&D department tested countless different recipes, processes and fibre mixes before arriving at the specific hardwood-pulp formula we use today.

Made with 1-millimeter-long fresh birch fibres, our pulp creates a denser Kraftliner with a smoother surface. So ink transfers onto the print surface correctly, without leaving any unprinted areas or cloudy images. The result? Full, even ink coverage and beautiful prints – with less ink.

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Rich colours

No more white spots when printing rich colours! SCA Kraftliner White Top is an excellent choice for high-quality printing results without annoying dots. Even when using finer anilox rolls you still get high ink coverage for full, even colour. This also significantly reduces the cost of ink.

Prints that shine. Literally.

Delta gloss is the difference between the gloss of a surface’s printed area and its unprinted area. The higher the Delta gloss, the richer and deeper the colours.

The high Delta gloss of SCA Kraftliner White Top is one of the key reasons why prints always look so vivid – not faded or washed out.

But how is high Delta gloss achieved? Through our unique paper machine process. With technology developed from expertise that can only be acquired over many years in Kraftliner production.

Thanks to specially designed press nips equipped with innovative solutions, we are able to create an exceptionally smooth, even top layer that makes prints truly come alive.

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Rich gloss

SCA Kraftliner White Top has a very high Delta gloss for an uncoated grade. In combination with its smoothness, this makes colours truly “pop”. They simply stand out more, while nuances are clearer and the finished print quality is much richer.

To make a good first impression, look sharp

A crisp shirt, clean slacks and proper shoes. To send the right message to customers, it’s a good idea to look sharp.

The same goes for packaging. Printed lines and details should always be crystal clear – it guarantees readability and simply looks professional.

With SCA Kraftliner White Top, you never have to worry. Unlike other Kraftliners with rougher surfaces, this Kraftliner is extraordinarily smooth. Which means you can use harder printing plates with a finer screen count. Ink will transfer correctly onto the print surface and be absorbed evenly, giving you great results and sharp edges. No bleeding.

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Sharp edges

SCA Kraftliner White Top has a smoothness that truly enhances your perceived print quality. Text and barcodes are noticeably sharper and easier to read, and the detail in image reproductions is much higher.