Ortviken Paper Mill is SCA's largest mill.

SCA Ortviken produces coated and uncoated publication papers. The production capacity is 775,000 tonnes of paper per year.


Ortviken is quality-certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and energy certified according to EN 16001. Ortviken is also chain-of-custody approved in accordance with FSC and can produce FSC-certified uncoated offset and coated publication papers.

Three Production Lines

Two coated paper – LWC: 510 000 tonnes/year.
One uncoated (Super Bright Bulky and uncoated offset ): 265 000 tonnes/year.
Production of mechanical pulp.
Green electricity: 40 MW/year.
Number of employees: 625.

Production of LWC

SCA has been producing LWC paper at Ortviken paper mill since the early 1990s. The first LWC machine, installed in 1990, was joined in 1996 by a second machine and within a few years Ortviken had established itself in the topmost quality segment among LWC producers.

LWC paper is a coated printing paper used mainly for magazines and advertising materials. It is available in different grades: GraphoCote, GraphoStyle, GraphoSilk, GraphoLux and GraphoMatt.

The raw material is fresh spruce pulpwood from SCA's forests in northern Sweden. Ortviken is also the world's only LWC producer offering FSC-certified printing papers, which are produced entirely without the use of chlorine-based chemicals.

The close cooperation with the Östrand pulp mill has made it possible to design a reinforcing pulp with exactly the right properties, thereby keeping the proportion of kraft pulp at a low lever. This is advantageous both for the optical properties of the paper and for production costs. SCA's extensive research and development resources have been a key platform for this success.

Production of Uncoated Offset

The mill also has a machine for producing the uncoated offset grades GraphoInvent, GraphoMax, GraphoBright and GraphoCrystal. These paper grades have particularly good printing qualities, making them ideal for Sunday supplements and advertising materials.

Production of Super Bright Bulky Paper

To enable us to offer you our super-bright GraphoInvent paper, SCA invested 30 MGBP (38 million €) in the Ortviken paper mill. Through extensive development, we succeeded in creating a unique paper with high bulk and brightness.


We shall manufacture our products in a way that continually reduces their impact on the environment. Conservation of resources will be our guiding principle. Our long-term goal is closed processes.


Industrial operations based on forestry began at Ortviken in the mid-1800s when a timberyard was established at the site.

Logs were hewn into square-section beams and used as pit props. Towards the end of the century a sawmill was also built at Ortviken.
During the first half of the 20th century, Ortviken developed into a modern industrial complex and towards the end of the 1950s the focus turned to the production of newsprint. The old sulphite mill, from 1908, was expanded and a new groundwood pulp mill was added.

Two paper machines, PM 1 and PM 2, began operating in 1958. In 1967 a third paper machine, PM 4, went into operation thereby confirming Ortviken's position as a major producer of newsprint. PM 2 was up and running as late as 2015. But in the end of that year it was decided to close down PM 2, which by then was the oldest paper machine in Europe.

A new technique for the production of TMP was developed during the1970s and the result was extremely high fibre quality. During the 1980s the TMP plant was expanded and Ortviken became one of the world's largest producers of TMP for newsprint. In 1984, the old sulphite mill was closed and groundwood pulp production came to an end.

At the beginning of 1986 yet another paper machine went into operation, PM 5, and at the time it was a true giant among paper machines. In 1990 Ortviken became the first Swedish paper mill to produce a Light Weight Coated (LWC) paper. An old machine, PM 1, was taken out of operation and was replaced by a machine incorporating a coater for production of the new grade. The investment paid off and in 1993 it was decided to replace another newsprint machine, PM 4, with a paper machine for the production of LWC paper. The new machine went into operation early in 1996.
Production is developing continuously to satisfy the market's demand for improved paper quality. For example, a new pulping and bleaching system has been introduced to produce pulp for the manufacture of low grammage LWC paper.

2013 SCA approved an investment of approximately SEK 380m in expanded cooperation between SCA's industries in the Sundsvall region and Sundsvall Energi AB. The agreement enabled SCA to increase its deliveries of energy to Sundsvall's district heating grid.
The investments covered the rebuilding of two boilers, a new facility for handling and grinding wood pellets and equipment for cleaning flue gases at Ortviken paper mill. Östrand pulp plant also got connected to Sundsvall's district heating grid as part of the investment.
As a result of the investments deliveries of heat derived from renewable fuels to Sundvall's district heating grid increased. Ortviken paper mill have the capacity to deliver up to 300 GWh/a based on wood pellets from SCA's BioNorr facility in Härnösand.