The terminal is situated just outside Umeå, the most expansive part of Northern Sweden, and has been in operation since 1965. the Umeå terminal handles a total of 1.4 million tons of cargo annually.

Terminal Umeå is a year-round port situated at the most expansive part of northern Sweden and is known for its high quality and a prominent customer focus with a high service level.

Port of Umeå is Sweden's northern-most container hub and has the largest number of calls of all ports in northern Sweden. The regular services are increasing and are now handling general cargo to and from Continental Europe, Finland and the rest of the world.

The port handles a variety of cargo, from Kraftliner to very large volumes of project goods. 

The port is strategically placed at the natural shortest route across the northern Gulf of Bothnia. Geography gives us a naturally protected harbor with unique conditions during the winter period. Although we are far north, the location at the narrowest part of the northern Gulf of Bothnia and with most northerly winds, SCA Logistics Umeå is one of the best ports of winter navigation.

RoRo ferries run daily from the port to Vasa in Finland. They also use SCA Logistics casette system for various cargos.


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Terminal Manager

Margaretha Gustafsson
+46 90 15 37 03


Ships Agency Umeå
+46 90 15 37 70


Patrik Matsson
+46 90 15 37 35


+46 19 30 00