Our RoRo system is based on cassette loading. The cassette system enables us to lash the cargo ashore, speeding up both the loading and the subsequent unloading process. This system also minimises cargo handling. In many cases, the cargo is delivered directly from the cassette to the customer without the need for intermediate storage.

A cassette is a raised open-ended steel platform with a cargo capacity of 60 tons. It measures 12.25 m in length and is 2.60 m wide. Each vessel can hold up to 165 cassettes for a total of 8,200 tons. The cassettes have no wheels. They are loaded by special trucks called translifters, and are positioned on board within inches of one another so that no further lashing is required.

Northbound cargo

Let us arrange the transport for your import volumes to Sweden, we can offer door-door solutions from Europe and UK at competitive rates. Our reliable RoRo-vessels will carry the goods on sea to Sweden with a low carbon footprint.

Rolling units

If you have a rolling unit, no matter if it is a excavator, wheel loader, car, trailer, as long as it is drivable we can ship it to or from Sweden.

Project cargo

Go by sea to Sweden and save cost of long expensive haulage on the roads. We will bring your project cargo closer to the destination to make you more competitive. Ship your windmills, generators and mining equipment with us.

The RoRo route

Booking and information about freight, please contact our Sales department at SCA Logistics. See contact details in bottom of this page.

Sandra Lindroos, mail to sandra.lindroos@sca.com or Dan Persson, mail to dan.persson@sca.com