SCA Logistics Rotterdam is expanding and preparing for 33 new years at Europe's biggest port. The terminal and Port of Rotterdam have agreed a new contract that extends until 2049.

"This long-term agreement also shows our commitment to our customers. We are in the business for the long run," says Terminal Manager Roelf Buist.

SCA Logistics is one of the oldest terminal operators in the port of Rotterdam. The terminal was built in 1967, one year after the opening of the port, on the basis of a 50-year agreement.

Optimal for customers
Over the years SCA Logistics Rotterdam has gradually expanded its terminal activities with the support of Port of Rotterdam. The new agreement also includes an expansion of the current area with another three hectares and 208 metres of quay wall.

"Now we will make this a success! The expansion allows our customers to optimize their existing supply chain and make optimal use of both breakbulk and containerized possibilities," says Terminal Manager Roelf Buist

Enables further growth
Port of Rotterdam is the first and biggest European container port, central for the rest of the world and extremely important for SCA Logistics because of the connections available for both deep sea and short sea destinations.

"The hinterland connections from Rotterdam are perfect and really ahead of the competition," Roelf Buist points out.

With the new agreement, SCA Logistics now has an area of 23 hectares with 720 metres of quay and a 160-metre RoRo berth. Officially, the contract starts to run on January 1.

"The additional berth and yard give us the possibility to handle our increased container traffic. It will make our current container operations even more efficient. We expect to be fully operational the second quarter of 2017," Roelf Buist continues.

Great future opportunities
Future increases in volume are connected to both SCA Östrand's increased pulp production (read more on page 6) and a general increase in containerization.

"We have been looking for ways to expand for a long time. The new terminal area is a perfect fit for our existing facility and creates a complete terminal for the needs we have. With this agreement and the expansion, we have created great opportunities for the future, says Rolf Johannesson, Executive Vice President Sourcing and Logistics at SCA Logistics.