Sundsvall and Umeå show strong growth within container handling. Both terminals delivered new, record levels last year – 50,000 and 33,300 TEUs respectively.

"We have worked with container transport for a long time, but lately business has increased dramatically", says Peter Gyllroth, Terminal Manager, SCA Logistics Sundsvall.

There are many advantages to using container transport for export to parts of Europe and to other continents. It is preferable that a container is stuffed as close to the factories as possible and unstuffed as close to the end customer as possible. This reduces handling and increases quality.

Demand is increasing

SCA Logistics connects its container feeder service to Europe's largest port at Rotterdam. Load volumes are consolidated to maximise the bene ts of large-scale ocean ships, which is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Globalization and the general development of containerisation is opening up more and more destinations, which brings opportunities to export to and import from markets that were previously dif cult to compete on. SCA Logistics offered containerisation to its customers early on. The fact that recipients are increasingly requesting and handling containers ef ciently means that there is an increase in the demand for container handling in Sundsvall and Umeå. "Container transport is growing globally and we are part of this development," says Peter Gyllroth. In 2016, SCA Logistics carried out a project to switch to a higher proportion of container transports. The increase was large and led to over 80,000 TEUs being handled in Sundsvall and Umeå last year. And the trend continues with SCA expanding its logistics system.

Investments in Umeå

Two new load plates, conveyors that automate the loading of containers, mean that the terminal in Umeå has streamlined the handling of customer goods. It has improved resource utilisation and made the loading process more cost effective.

"Our investments have been made in response to an increase in demand."


"Our investments have been made in response to an increase in demand. We are an active partner that works to solve the transport needs of our customers," says Margaretha Gustafsson, Terminal Manager, Umeå. China is a growing market for sawmills in the region and they see potential for increased sales of wood products for export to Asia. With this in mind, Margaretha Gustafsson looks forward to the plans for a new, reinforced quay at Umeå port. The Municipal Council has the plans ready, but the nal decision has not been taken yet.

More space is key for Sundsvall terminal

The terminal in Sundsvall aims to create more space for its container operations, to further strengthen its position as the central port of the region in terms of import and export.

Text: Håkan Norberg