SCA Logistics is ready for the transport year of 2018, with more destinations and greater exibility. “We are planning to face signi cantly increased goods volumes over the year,” says Mikael Högström, Commercial Manager Marine at SCA Logistics.

Great exibility and quick transitions is what will characterise SCA Logistics' transport solutions in 2018. "Based on customer requests and service requirements, we have created the best options for marine transportation arrangements," says Mikael Högström.

Large industries are the base

Just as before, it is the major industries along the Norrland coast that provide the basis for the maritime traf c. A signi cant difference during the year will be that the expansion of SCA Östrand moves towards its goal. The investment of around SEK 7.8 billion will double the capacity from 430,000 tonnes to 900,000 tonnes and Östrand will have the largest production line in the world for bleached softwood kraft pulp. A large proportion of this quantity will be transported by sea. The new mill opens in June, and even allowing for a running-in period, the pressure on SCA Logistics' terminal in Sundsvall will increase hugely during the autumn. "It will be exciting and if everything goes according to plan, it will mean signi cant increases to goods volumes in our sea freight system, both within break bulk and container traf c as early as Q3 and Q4," says Mikael Högström.

Flexible contracts

In order to cope with this increase, SCA Logistics has created a basic offer with sea freight contracts that offer huge exibility and the opportunity to make alterations, by being able to both increase and decrease volumes quickly. "For example, we have the opportunity to increase capacity by 100% in the Rotterdam Express system over the year. This requires us to have close dialogue with the customers and a good level of readiness in order to quickly be able to meet the customers' changing requirements," says Mikael Högström. SCA Logistics has a comprehensive collaboration with several shipping companies and, from 2018, can offer traf c to multiple new destinations, in Europe, USA, Asia and North Africa. Rotterdam has a key function in the marine systems as a hub for the ow of goods worldwide. "It's hard to predict how the market will develop, but we have a strong offering and an out t that we can grow into," says Mikael Högström.

Text: Thomas Ekenberg