Globalisation is not a trend, but a constant ongoing process that brings new opportunities and challenges for both companies and individuals. In our industry, it is clear that the transport landscape is changing rapidly, and it is also one of the reasons why SCA Logistics is now facing a reorganisation.

By creating a strategic organisational change with a dedicated forwarding division and an equivalent for purchasing and sales of logistics services, SCA Logistics hopes to nd the most optimal and sustainable transport solutions in order for the products to get to the customers in the right condition and at the right time.

"We are now working with two clear processes, where the forwarding division's key role will be to receive transport requests and implement them," says Nils-Johan Haraldsson, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

Nils Johan Haraldsson, SCA Logistics, SCA Forest Products.

Closer connections and better service

Excellence is one of SCA's key words and means exceeding expectations by improving ourselves for a sustainable and renewable future. Can we say that the reorganisation is an example of the company living its values?

"Absolutely. The adjustment within our organisation gives us closer connections and can be more effective in matching customer requirements to our capacity and mode of transport. It's easier to combine them and also provides more transparency and even better service to our customers," says Nils-Johan. The two units will work together in a close interface. "It is actually the same people with the same knowledge who are now working in a more ef cient way. So all the power still stays within the company," nishes Nils-Johan.

Text: Anna-Carin Blom