SCA Logistics provides extensive marine services and land transport within Europe and to overseas destinations. The business is supported by a network of terminals at strategic locations in Europe.

Marine transportation

Another major activity is marine transportation. Cargo is carried partly by a specially designed fleet of RoRo vessels in system traffic and partly by chartering on the market. Our marine service includes extensive short sea traffic in Europe as well as large overseas volumes, which are transported in containers to a considerable extent.

Our competent, experienced and highly motivated personnel make us a strong player in our market segment. We can also offer in house expertise on logistics consulting.

Our services are supported by advanced IT systems that allow us to streamline the administration while still enabling us to support clients with extensive information on each shipment. We also have EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication with our major customers.

We are also gradually developing increasingly environmentally friendly distribution and have during recent years made major investments to reduce emissions from our activities.

This gives SCA Logistics the capacity to offer extensive tailor-made service packages at very competitive rates. Our services are characterised by high customer focus, which is also expressed in our vision.

Our vision

We sharpen your competitive edge

By offering logistic excellence and continuously improved services, we contribute to increasing the value of our client's products.

Facts and Figures

No of employees 375
Certificates ISO 14001:2004
  ISO 9001:2008


Marine Transportation  
System traffic, RoRo 1500000 tons
Conventional traffic 1400000 tons


  Warehouse capacity, m2 Annual volume, tons
Sundsvall, Sweden 70000 1700000
Umeå, Sweden 75000 1500000
Rotterdam, Netherlands 72000 1600000
Lübeck/Kiel, Germany 39000 750000
London, Great Britain 35000 300000

Associated terminals in Skövde, Helsingborg, Vaasa, Dublin, Hull, Lisbon, Milan, Livorno and Vienna

Partly owned companies  
Sundsvalls Hamn AB 15 %
Shorelink AB 15 %


SCA Logistics is working for a sustainable environment and continuously working to improve the company's environmental performance. We have great quality in the services we offer and good cooperation with our suppliers and customers in order to achieve long term sustainability.

SCA Logistics shall, by working with continuous improvements, offer logistics services to customers which are cost efficient and add value.

  • Delivering customer's products with correct documentation and amount at the right time and in proper condition.
  • Predicting the future needs of customers and propose solutions.

SCA Logistics is to conduct its operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Environmental measures are to be ecologically sensible, technically possible and financially justifiable.

This means that SCA Logistics:

  • Makes environmental demands on its suppliers and systematically evaluates their environmental performance.
  • Co-operates with suppliers and customers to identify solutions that reduce the environmental impact of transports.
  • Promotes energy efficient transports and transport providers who employ environmentally sound technologies.
  • Works systematically to prevent pollution of air, land and water.
  • Complies with laws, ordinances and other regulations that are applicable to the company.
  • Works with continual improvements to fulfil adopted environmental goals.
SCA Logistics, SCA Forest Products.

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