SCA has been nominated, together with the design bureau Bold, in the communication competition Guldägget.

SCA Universe guldägget 1

– It is the SCA Universe (a part of our brand and visual identity) that has been nominated in the category Handcraft. It feels amazing that we now are getting recognition for all the hard work that we have put in for the past two years, says Patricia Knutsson, Brand Project Manager.

Through the SCA Universe we describe our business in a new way both in video and in sound, but it is also used in print.

The work with creating SCA Universe has been made in several phases. The journey is described in a good way by the contribution for the competition:

The SCA Universe

SCA is Europe’s largest private forest owner and leading in the fight against climate change. They were lacking a visual expression that reflects both the innovation spirit and their love for the forest.

So we traveled to the forest in the North of Sweden where we together with experts from SCA studied and gathered enormous samples from the forest. We gave them life by extremely well designed and very realistic 3D scanning with correct plant patterns all by using advanced rendering technique. We used all resources to the handcraft to get every tiny detail in perfection to get the overall result as real as in reality.

The result is a 3D animation endless looped where nature and innovation lives in harmony. To make it complete, we also created a unique font and a musical universe consisted by sounds recorded in the forest mixed with acoustic instruments. By using specific techniques we could show the magnification of nature’s eco system and change the perception about the whole branch of industry.

Several photos has been sent to the jury and a video has been published.  See the video

The result for competition will be announced on 25 April.

About the competition Guldägget

The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies (KOMM) organizes Guldägget (The Golden Egg Award). Guldägget was first arranged in 1961 and is today Sweden’s oldest, largest and most prestigious competition for the communication industry. The purpose is to draw attention to the best advertisement, lead the industry forward and raise the level of the creative standard.

Guldägget rewards both the agency and the client. The winners are decided by a jury consisting of 50 jury members.