Switch to bioenergy and save money

By transferring from fossil fuel to renewable bioenergy, in many cases you can save 65-70% of your current fuel costs. As fuel costs are so much lower with bioenergy, you can finance the investment through the operating budget and save money from the outset.

We help companies and industries convert to biofuel. Together with partners, we install your bioenergy facility and manage the entire process, from start to finish. We offer the best possible solution for your company. Regardless of whether it is an investment in your own facility or the purchase of heating.



We conduct cost-free pre-planning of the heating facility together with our partners, where we compile design information and draw up a technology solution that suits your company.

Turnkey bioenergy solution
Quotation based on your requirements, depending on whether you wish to:

  • own the heating facility or lease
  • manage the operation of the facility yourself or not
  • purchase heating


After signing a contract, we begin a production process that takes about 50 days. Prior to delivery, the heating facility is quality assured. This entails running-in, full-scale testing, installation inspection, CE marking and the issue of module certificates. For this, we use an accredited supervisory body.


Delivery of the heating facility

The heating facility is then delivered. This process takes five days and includes local assembly, installation, commissioning and training. A complete heating facility ready to meet your heating needs.


Delivery of biofuel

The fuel is delivered from local forests or from SCA's pellets plants, which are located in Härnösand and Luleå. Read more about the advantages of biofuel from SCA.

We look forward to meeting you and telling you more about how easy and cost-efficient it is to convert from fossil heating to environmentally friendly and climate-neutral bioenergy.

We can help you realize your wind power plans

We are an active lessee that also offers collaboration, where we can help you realize your wind power plans on our land.

We take care of your roads

We deliver crushed aggregate products for road building

We can offer various administrative solutions for your wind power project

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