Within the Renewable Energy business area, we develop and pursue the expanding involvement in wind energy. Together with our partners, we have helped to realize some of Sweden’s largest wind power ventures. In 2020 wind turbines with an annual capacity of 6,5 TWh were in operation on SCA’s land. Projects in progress will increase wind power capacity on SCA’s land from 2.6 TWh in 2018 to 9,5 TWh in 2023. SCA has a longterm goal for wind power production on its own land of 11 TWh, equivalent to the electrification of all passenger cars in Sweden.

Our offering

Sites with favorable wind conditions

SCA owns 2.6 million hectares of forest in Northern Sweden, an area nearly the size of Belgium. We can provide sites with favorable wind conditions and with the potential to establish large wind farms.

We can help you realize your wind power plans. We are an active lessee that also offers collaboration, where we can help you realize your wind power plans on our land.

We take care of your roads 

As a major forest products company, we manage several thousand kilometers of road on our land and a responsible for road maintenance and snow clearance. We can help you, as wind farm owner, to manage your new roads. You can sign contracts with us concerning;

  • managing

  • supervising and

  • coordinating road maintenance

Naturally tailored to meet your needs.

Crushed aggregate products for road building

As project engineer or future wind farm owner, you will need crushed aggregate. We can offer products suitable for constructing new roads and foundations and material you need for road maintenance.


Solutions for your wind power project

SCA has extensive experience of the various stages of wind power projects. We can offer solutions for your wind power project, including:

  • project management

  • planning

  • help in contacts with the authorities

  • contacts with other landowners

  • permit issues or

  • drawing up environmental reports

We work with

Leasing wind locations. Joint wind power ventures. Own wind power projects.



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