Since Maria began using SCA's Stallpellets, the manure pile is half the size. Now we empty every second year instead of every year – it is a major economic saving.

Maria began riding at a riding school when she was seven. Over the years, Maria has had major international successes in show jumping, been team manager for the national show jumping team and worked as a judge.

Today, Maria trains the national team in eventing and represents active athletes at the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI). Maria own five of her own horses and also has time to work as an instructor at Flyinge.

The horses at the stable in Tygelsjö use SCA's Stallpellets and the main advantage of Stallpellets for Maria is the bright, fresh and easily worked boxes. Stallpellets also forms stable bedding and Maria finds it highly practical to have in the horse trailer.


Questions and answers about Stallpellets

How do you muck out? How much water should you add? What is the difference between Stallpellets and standard wood fuel pellets?

Questions and answers about Stallpellets

About SCAs Stallpellets

SCA’s Stallpellets is made from pure sawdust from Swedish forests and is also FSC® certified and has the Bra Miljöval eco-label. A product specially designed for the livestock industry. Production is partly run using wind power generated on SCA’s own land. Stallpellets contains no additives or impurities – only natural wood shavings.

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