There are many advantages with Stallpellets and users emphasize various qualities – depending on what is most important for their activities. Read more about what some of our customers think about the product.

Viktoria Carlerbäck 

Viktoria Carlerbäck runs the Stora Bygd horse farm near Borås

Viktoria Carlerbäck

"Stallpellets provides a very pleasant stable environment – both for horses and people.”"

Viktoria has competed in eventing since the age of 12. To date, she has represented Sweden in five championships – at European, World and Olympic levels. In addition to her own training, Viktoria teaches dressage, jumping and cross country.

"We have used Stallpellets at Stora Bygd for some time. For me, the biggest gain is the time we save in mucking out. Time I can instead use for training. Stallpellets also provides a very pleasant stable environment – both for horses and people. The moist bedding is not dusty, smells fresh and is easy to handle."

Maria Gretzer

Maria Gretzer

Broline on SCA Stallpellets

For us, Stallpellets is clearly the best alternative!

About Broline
One of Sweden's most successful stud farms for breeding harness race horses.
Broline has many years of experience with artificial insemination and the distribution of fresh semen in Sweden. Since 2014, natural breeding is also offered for mares from jumping and dressage, as well as ponies. Today, Broline's stables in Svenljunga are home to about 75 horses. SCA's Stallpellets is used in most of the boxes.

Broline on SCA Stallpellets

"We have more time for the horses now, as time spent mucking out has decreased significantly. When we used wood shavings, the mucked out material from about three boxes filled the wheelbarrow. Now that we use Stallpellets, material from about seven boxes is needed to fill the wheelbarrow, as very little bedding goes with the manure. Mucking out is faster, there is less waste and less walking with the wheelbarrow."

Broline on SCA Stallpellets

"The size of the manure pile, costs for bedding and mucking out time have all decreased. We use the manure on our own land and because the sawdust in Stallpellets is so fine and the proportion of bedding in the manure pile is less than with other materials, and the aging time is also shorter. We have previously tested peat, wood shavings and straw pellets. For us, Stallpellets is clearly the best alternative."

Dan Widegren

Team Widegren has used Stallpellets almost since the product was launched.

Widegren webb

Dan Widegren

"Stallpellets makes the stable environment less dusty and the horses’ hooves are much healthier now, this is verified by my farrier"

Stig H Johansson

Born 1945. As a harness racing trainer and driver, he has acquired greater merits than any other Swede. Even in the international arena, he is seen as one of the greatest of all time in the field.

With Victory Tilly – "the best horse I ever trained and drove" – he wrote harness racing history in August 2002. At the Meadowlands in New Jersey, the Swedish sulky won the main race Nat Ray Trot in 1.08.9a/1,609 m, meaning the 1.09 barrier was broken for the first time.

Read more about Stig H Johansson on his website

Why I choose SCA's Stallpellets

Ulrika and Henrik Bengtsson have lived in a newly built house in Östtjärn, just outside Sundsvall, since 2013 at "Ranch LD". Ulrika, who competed in both jumping and dressage when she was young, had recently renewed her interest in horses and could finally realize her dream of owning her own stable:

"When we were planning the stable, Henrik carefully read the book Building Horse Stables [Att bygga häststall] from SLU," Ulrika explains. "Our horses were to have the perfect home and her husband Henrik began drawing a stable that was a little out of the ordinary. It would be bright and fresh, with good ventilation and have brick boxes with ample space for each horse."

Building work took all of summer 2013, with Henrik, Ulrika, parents, in-laws and a sister and her husband helping out, and in October everything was finally inspected and ready for the horses.

An easy choice

"Naturally our horses should also have the best bedding in their boxes," continues Ulrika, "and after testing a few different alternatives we opted for Stallpellets. The decision reflected that the sacks require little space, that it is easy to muck out and a huge plus is that it works well with our Shetland, Love, who has problems breathing. We just add a little extra water and the problem is solved."

"If I was to point out a disadvantage with stall pellets then this would be that they get stuck more easily in their winter coats. This is, of course, not a major problem and I guess the horses do not mind being brushed a little more thoroughly!

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Questions and answers about Stallpellets

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Questions and answers about Stallpellets