Stallpellets is an everyday luxury that can save you time, space and money. Practical delivery as pellets – becoming fine sawdust after watering. Labelled with the Bra Miljöval eco-label.

Product information

Each Stallpellets sack contains 14 kg, with 60 sacks stacked on each pallet. Stallpellets is not the same product as wood fuel pellets. SCA's Stallpellets is designed specially for the livestock industry. FSC® certified and labelled with the Bra Miljöval eco-label. Contains no additives, just pure wood from pine and spruce.

You can purchase Stallpellets from our distributors or directly from us.


Stallpellets can be bought locally, in both small and large quantities, to pick up at the salespoint or for home delivery. If you are interested in testing the product, you can simply buy the quantity you need, for example 10 sacks. This is sufficient to prepare a normal-sized box and for a few weeks of maintenance.

If there are no distributors near you, you can also receive direct delivery from SCA Bionorr. You then need to purchase at least two pallets of Stallpellets per delivery, delivered free of charge on the Swedish mainland and to islands with a connecting bridge with bearing capacity for heavy trucks.

60, 14 kg sacks per pallet.
One pallet is usually sufficient for one horse for one year.

If you are interested in part payment for your delivery, this is available for a fee, or free of charge during certain campaigns.

Specially designed for the livestock industry

Stallpellets is a wood shaving pellets product specially adapted for the livestock industry and is manufactured at SCA's unit in Stugun, Jämtland.

SCA Bionorr's Stallpellets are soft-compacted, fin wood shavings with a special mix of spruce and pine to:

  • offer the best absorbency
  • quickly expand to several times their own volume
  • easily dissolve to fine sawdust
  • provide a brighter, fresher and easier stable environment

SCA's Stallpellets is made from pure sawdust from Swedish forests and is also FSC® certified and has the Bra Miljöval eco-label.

Production is partly run using wind power generated on SCA's own land. Stallpellets contains no additives or impurities – only natural wood shavings

Questions and answers about Stallpellets

How do you muck out? How much water should you add? What is the difference between Stallpellets and standard wood fuel pellets?

Questions and answers about Stallpellets

Bra Miljöval eco-label

Not only is the stable environment important, but also the impact stable products have on the environment.

SCA Energy's Stallpellets product has been approved for the Bra Miljöval eco-label from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Stallpellets is moreover delivered in environmentally friendly paper sacks and production uses wind power generated on SCA's own land. As an animal owner, you can be proud of making a good and sustainable choice when you buy SCA's Stallpellets.

Stallpellets is manufactured from Swedish certified wood raw materials without additives – the Bra Miljöval eco-label is further proof that the product meets strict environmental standards.

Pellets with the Bra Miljöval eco-label comply with stringent demands on raw materials and production. The raw material is from certified forest operations and the addition of palm oil, GM crops or stump and leaf mass is not permitted. Strict climate demands are also made, and the fuel must not contain harmful additives. In addition, the eco-label favors biodiversity in the forest and countryside through allocations to an environment fund.


Facts about the Bra Miljöval eco-label

By choosing products and services with the Bra Miljöval eco-label, you contribute to:

  • a reduction in environmentally hazardous emissions
  • fewer hazardous substances in everyday products
  • more varied flora and fauna
  • a broader range of environmentally sound products
  • more efficient use of resources

Bra Miljöval is only found in areas where the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation can see the greatest environmental benefits. This means you can be sure that your choice will always make a real difference to the environment.

Bra Miljöval products and services are currently available in the areas of biofuel, groceries, electricity, insurance, chemical products, textiles, passenger transportation, freight transportation, district heating and district cooling.


Paper sacks

As one component of our sustainability agenda, Stallpellets has now received new packaging.

Functionality: The sacks are manufactured from strong kraft paper coated with a thin layer of polythene on each side to protect the contents from moisture.

Renewable energy: 70% of the packaging uses paper manufactured from renewable raw materials, meaning forest that will grow again for future generations. This entails a significant reduction in the use of finite resources and lower climate impact compared with conventional plastic sacks.


Stallpellets for cats, rabbits and other small animals

Lena Sjöström in Härnösand has been breeding rabbits since 2007. The rabbit cages use a lot of bedding. Lena currently has seven French rams that weigh 6-7 kg as adults. Previously she used both normal wood shavings and peat mix as bedding in the cages, with varying results. One day, when it was time to buy new wood shavings for the rabbits, Stallpellets was on special offer. She had seen the product on Facebook and was interested in testing it.

"I am completely sold! It is so easy and convenient to clean/muck out the rabbits now with Stallpellets in the cages. The rabbits are large and heavy, so a thick layer of bedding is needed to ensure their paws do not suffer from pressure injuries. Stallpellets provides compact and soft bedding that works beautifully for them, without needing a thick layer of wood shavings. I am so pleased with the product and it is here to stay at my rabbit farm."

Lena waters the Stallpelletsen for the rabbits in the same manner as for horses. This means about 10 liters of water is needed for one sack of Stallpellets to expand and crumble to bedding. If the animals are living in a dry and hot environment, it is fine to water the existing bedding.

Gentle bedding for hens, and offering a slight reduction in odor. Works equally well for calves, sheep and llamas as for horses. The method of using the product is the same. However, the pellets are not watered for cats.


Environmentally friendly alternative to cat sand

Mining the clay used in cat sand has a major environmental impact. It is transported to Sweden and after use cannot be recycled but is instead sent to the waste dump.

Our Stallpellets – wood pellets specially developed for the livestock industry – is a Swedish environmentally friendly alternative that can be composted or recycled as biofuel. It is also free from additives, is FSC® certified and has the Bra Miljöval eco-label.

How to use it: Stallpellets must cover the entire floor of the cat litter box with a layer of about 4 cm. You must not water the pellets for cats. The cat urine is absorbed by the pellets, which crumble into sawdust. The sawdust then falls to the bottom of the litter box and stays dry and compact. Normal cat litter boxes can be used if the solid waste is removed every day and you remove the sawdust every week. Cost: approximately SEK 50 for 14 kg from our distributors. 14 kg (= 23 liters) is enough for about 3 months for one cat.