SCA pellets are available in 6 mm and 8 mm sizes, packaged in small 16 kg sacks on pallets (832 kg) or in large 600 kg sacks. Pellets are also delivered unpacked to large areas of Sweden by bulk road tanker.

SCA's pellets have values exceeding Class 1 from the Swedish Standards Institute and European Standard.

  • The pellets are manufactured from sawdust certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The certification means that we are committed to complying with the FSC's guidelines for responsible forestry. The standards cover the social, environmental and economic aspects of forestry. Pellets for people who care about the forest, quite simply.
  • SCA is also certified to sell a certain volume of ENplus.
  • SCA's pellets contain exclusively sawdust from spruce and pine, with no additives.
  • Most of the sawdust used in SCA pellets is from SCA's own forest, but also from other controlled forests in northern Sweden. We have control over the entire raw material chain. From environmentally friendly forest operations to sawdust at the sawmill.

SCA’s pellets compared with specification of the Swedish Standards Institute

Values SCA Pellets Swedish Standards Institute EN ISO 17225-2
 Diameter: 6 mm / 8 mm   Diameter: 5-9 mm 
 Energy content: at least 4,9 kWh/kg  Energy content: at least 4,6 kWh/kg
 Volume weight: approx. 650 kg/m3  Volume weight: 600 kg/m3
 Ash content: < 0,5 %  Ash content: < 0,7 %
 Moisture content: 7 %  Moisture content: 10 %