In large areas of Sweden, SCA’s pellets can be ordered directly from SCA and be purchased from distributors throughout the country.

Directly from SCA

In large areas of the country you can order direct delivery from SCA of 6 mm and 8 mm Bionorr pellets, in sacks or in bulk, and Stallpellets 14 kg in small sacks by the pallet.
More purchasing and delivery information, and answers to common questions about our products, are available on the customer service page.

Locally at distributors

SCA's pellets are on sales at about 250 distributors across Sweden. Most of these offer both home delivery and collection of pallets and sacks. Contact your distributor for information on local pellets offering.

A good and sustainable choice

When you choose Bionorr pellets you can rest assured that you have made a good and sustainable choice. And that you will receive all the help you need, whether you are experiencing problems with incineration or you wish to optimize your unit to obtain as much energy as possible, with the least possible effort.

About Bionorr

I have used SCA’s Stallpellets for several years and have not only benefitted from a better and easier stable environment. I have also noted a difference in my wallet, as the manure pile has required emptying less often. Very little bedding is lost when I muck out the stable now. It also feels good that the bedding has a Good Environmental Choice eco-label!” / Maria Gretzer

Dan Widegren

Team Widegren has used Stallpellets almost since the product was launched. Stallpellets makes the stable environment less dusty and the horses’ hooves are much healthier now, this is verified by my farrier. / Dan Widegren.

Viktoria Carlerbäck has competed in eventing since the age of 12. To date, she has represented Sweden in five championships – at European, World and Olympic levels. By using Stallpellets from SCA, I can spend more of my time training,” says Viktoria. Stallpellets also provide a very pleasant stable environment – both for horses and people. The moist bedding is not dusty, smells fresh and is easy to handle.