Feel free to contact our customer service! We can answer your questions about wood fuel pellets, burning pellets and stall pellets and take your order and notify you before your order is delivered, if requested. We also publish answers to common questions here.

Contact customer service

The switchboard is open during the following hours

Summer time, May 1 until September 15:
Weekdays, Monday–Friday between 7.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.

Winter time, September 16 until April 30:
Weekdays, Monday–Friday between 7.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.

At weekends, public holidays or evenings you are welcome to send us an e-mail or a text message. We will get back to you as soon as possible on the next weekday.


Restricted opening hours

Customer service has restricted opening hours on the following days:

The eve of Epiphany 7.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m.

Maundy Thursday 7.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m.

Day before All Saints' Day 7.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m.



Walpurgis Night, Ascension Day and the day after Ascension Day, Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

Delivery and payment

How long does delivery take?

Delivery for orders placed directly with SCA is normally within ten working days from when the order is placed.
Deliveries may take longer during certain periods, such as during the summer months or during particularly busy periods. Direct prices are for the Swedish mainland and islands with a connecting bridge with bearing capacity for heavy trucks. Delivery takes place between 6.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m., on any day of the week of SCA's choosing.

How do I pay for my pellets?

For direct purchases, you pay against invoice, within 30 days or choose part payment for a small fee.

Two months – SEK 90 in total per delivery Three months – SEK 120 in total per delivery Six months – SEK 295 in total per delivery For more information, refer to our general terms and conditions.

Most distributors can also offer part payment.

Can I pay by e-invoice?

Yes, an e-invoice means your pellets invoice is sent directly to your online bank. Easy and climate-smart! You do not need to enter the date, total and OCR number when paying. The invoice is also available as a pdf at your online bank. If you select part payment, you will receive several invoices, as usual. Different methods of ordering an e-invoice for your pellets: Log into your online bank, select e-invoice and search for SCA Energy among the available companies and click on apply. Contact customer service to register for e-invoicing by either phoning +46 611 244 26 or e-mailing pellets@sca.com, stating name, customer number, personal identity number and which bank you wish the invoice to be sent to. Do not hesitate to contact us at customer service if you have any questions.

What customer information is needed for delivery?

To provide the best service and quality for your pellets deliveries, we acquire information about your delivery address, directions, required pipe length, storeroom size, if delivery can be carried out from a trailer and all of your contact telephone numbers. This information is always printed on the delivery note used as documentation by the driver during delivery. Check your delivery note at regular intervals and contact us if any information needs to be changed or removed. Read more in the general terms and conditions or contact customer service.


Questions answered about Bionorr wood fuel pellets

What can I do to optimize my pellets incineration?

As a customer of SCA, or our distributors, you can receive tips on how to optimize your unit's incineration and achieve even greater economy in your pellets burning. Samuel Israelsson is our technical customer service officer and he can also offer advice on bulk storage. You can contact Samuel via our customer service on +46 611 244 26.


Where can I find service technicians and installation engineers?

Information about installation engineers and service technicians can be found on the Pelletsförbundet's website.


How do you store pellets?

Store pellets well protected against rain, snow, moisture, birds and UV light and on a dry surface. Pellets pallets can be stored outdoors if they are well covered. However, pay particular attention to condensation. If the pallet packaging is broken, the sacks must be stored under shelter.

What do you need to buy pellets in bulk?

To receive pellets in bulk delivered by a bulk road tanker, you must have an approved storeroom with a special bulk coupling and adequate ventilation. Ready-made storerooms are available for purchase, but you can also build your own modified storeroom.

Pelletsförbundet offers tips and advice when building a bulk storeroom
If you have questions about a storeroom solution, feel free to contact Samuel Israelsson, technical customer service.

How large is a bulk road tanker?

Width: about 2.6 meters Length: Tractor unit about 10 meters, trailer about 14 meters Height: about 4 meters Weight when fully loaded about 25 tonnes, including trailer about 60 tonnes. Read more about bulk deliveries in our general terms and conditions. 


Burning pellets – how does it work?

Pellets is a climate-neutral fuel as incineration emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as the tree absorbed from the air when it grew. By using pellets, you are contributing to a sustainable society. Today, pellets incineration is almost entirely automated. Though you do need to remove ash, clean the unit and replenish the pellets. The level of management and maintenance required by the unit depends on the solution you choose. Pellets has a higher energy content than, for example, wood and should therefore be incinerated in special boilers, burners and stoves. You can heat your building using a pellets burner or pellets stove. Pellets burners can be built onto an existing boiler – oil boiler, wood stove or dual-fuel boiler. The pellets stove can replace 50-80% of your heating, depending on the output, the size and the design of the building. Today, there are even stoves that do not require the installation of a chimney, if you mount the unit on an outer wall. If you change from electric heating to pellets, carbon emissions decrease about 50 times. If you change from oil to pellets, emissions decrease about 170 times.

Why are pellets good for compost?

In a compost, various types of fungus and bacteria break down the organic waste to water and different nutrients. The process requires access to oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. About 30 parts carbon are needed for one part nitrogen. Green waste and food waste are highly rich in nitrogen. This is why carbon must be added. The addition of wood pellets or sawdust supplies carbon in the form required for composting. It is also important that the compost remains loose and is not too wet, and pellets can also help with this.