Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly, renewable energy manufactured from sawdust and wood shavings. When the sawdust and shavings are dried and compressed into pellets it produces a fuel with a high energy content and consistent moisture content. Wood pellets can be used in both single-family homes and large heating plants.

A good and sustainable choice

When you choose Bionorr pellets you can rest assured that you have made a good and sustainable choice. And that you will receive all the help you need, whether you are experiencing problems with incineration or you wish to optimize your unit to obtain as much energy as possible, with the least possible effort.

About Bionorr

When you just want it to work...

Over the past 25 years we have learnt what it takes to manufacture energy-rich pellets with high and consistent quality. The more consistent the quality, the more likely you will experience problem-free heating.

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Very high quality per tonne

  • High energy content (4.9 kWh) and consistent quality
  • Product values better than those specified by the Swedish Standards Institute
  • 8 mm best in a comparison by the Råd & Rön consumer magazine 2017
  • ENplus is available.
Product specification

Climate-smart and considerate

  • FSC-certified pellets – If you care about the forest
  • Pellets labelled with the Good Environmental Choice eco-label are available to consumers
  • Pellets production uses almost exclusively renewable energy.


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Allow us to deliver your company’s biofuel

Do you only need pellets or a flexible mix of several different biofuels?

You are welcome to visit our Corporate market.

Corporate market
Corporate market
Corporate market