Pellets from forest and wind

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The advantages of buying your pellets from SCA


  • High energy content (4.9 kWh) and consistent quality.
  • 6 mm and 8 mm wood pellets.
  • Product values better than those stipulated by the Swedish Standards Institute.
  • 8 mm best in a comparison by the Råd & Rön consumer magazine 2017.
  • ENplus is available.

Climate-smart and considerate

  • FSC-certified pellets – If you care about the forest.
  • Pellets labelled with the Good Environmental Choice eco-label are available to consumers.
  • Production uses almost exclusively renewable energy.

Allow us to deliver your company’s biofuel

Do you only need pellets or a flexible mix of several different biofuels?

You are welcome to visit our Corporate market.

Corporate market
Corporate market
Corporate market