Natural pellets from the Nordic forest

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The advantages of buying pellets from SCA

  • High energy content and consistent quality
  • Controlled raw material, no additives
  • Production uses almost exclusively renewable energy 
Pelletstillverkning hos BioNorr i Härnösand.

About SCA pellets
SCA pellets are produced with consideration for the forest and environment. Our pellet products only contain wood shavings of known and acceptable origin and no forest is harvested solely for pellets production.

Product information SCA pellets
SCA pellets are available in 6 mm and 8 mm sizes, packaged in small 16 kg sacks on pallets (832 kg) or in large 600 kg sacks. Pellets are also delivered unpacked to large areas of Sweden by bulk road tanker.

Stallpellets häst Robini

Do you want a comfortable, soft but firm bed for your horse? Easier daily routine in the stable, with less dust and a slow-growing manure pile? While safeguarding both horse health and the environment? Then SCA’s Stallpellets is the right bedding for you.

Allow us to deliver your company’s biofuel

Do you only need pellets or a flexible mix of several different biofuels?

You are welcome to visit our Corporate market.

Corporate market
Corporate market
Corporate market