Pellets from forest and wind

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The advantages of buying your pellets from SCA


  • High energy content (4.9 kWh) and consistent quality.
  • 6 mm and 8 mm wood pellets.
  • Product values better than those stipulated by the Swedish Standards Institute.
  • 8 mm best in a comparison by the Råd & Rön consumer magazine 2017.
  • ENplus is available.

Climate-smart and considerate

  • FSC-certified pellets – If you care about the forest.
  • Pellets labelled with the Good Environmental Choice eco-label are available to consumers.
  • Production uses almost exclusively renewable energy.
Wood pellets from Bionorr in Härnösand, Sweden. SCA Skog, SCA Forest Products.Pellets från SCA Bionorr i Härnösand, SCA Skog, SCA Forest Products.

Customer service

Feel free to contact our customer service! We can answer your questions about wood fuel pellets, burning pellets and stall pellets and take your order and notify you before your order is delivered, if requested. We also publish answers to common questions here.

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