• SCA strengthens the sustainable value chain with investment in pellet plant in Nordmaling

    SCA has decided to invest SEK 70 million in a new sawmill intake and pellet plant at the Rundvik sawmill in Nordmaling municipality. The investment will improve SCA’s sustainability profile with pellets replacing fossil fuel oil at the Obbola paper mill and pellets supplied to the local market.

  • Climate-smart whisky made from sustainable energy

    A world-class whisky is being produced in an impressive building by the mighty Ångerman river in northern Sweden. Large amounts of energy are required to produce whisky but at this particular distillery, energy is produced from pellets supplied by SCA.

  • Potential for electricity production from SCA land equals that of nuclear

    Only the wind power available on SCA land could rival the production of electricity from nuclear power relatively quickly. Unfortunately, permit processes and poor incentives reduce that potential to negligible amounts.

  • Tall oil from the forest to become fossil-free biofuel for domestic aviation

    A biorefinery jointly owned by SCA and Finland’s St1 is scheduled to start production in 2023.

  • SCA restores large wetland area

    SCA has performed restoration measures at Stentjärnsmyren marsh in Medelpad to restore it to flooded wetland. The initiative is in collaboration with BirdLife Medelpad, which is conducting an inventory of birdlife in the area. Moreover, SCA’s stall pellet customers are also lending their support.

  • Reduced climate footprint

    SCA Pellets will begin to use 35 percent recycled plastic in small bags for heat pellets. This reduces the use of new plastic by approximately 60 tonnes each year.

  • SCA invests in pellet mill to improve environmental performance

    SCA invests SEK 50m to reduce environmental impact from its Härnösand pellet mill and to reduce discomforts for neighbours. The investments comprise among other items a wet electrical filter. The whole project will be operational by the summer 2022.

    0 Non-regulatory
  • SCA obtains permit for biorefinery in Östrand

    On september 30th, the Land and Environmental Court announced that it had granted an environmental permit to SCA to construct a biorefinery adjacent to Östrand pulp mill.

  • SCA and Moelven in pellet collaboration

    SCA has entered into a cooperation agreement with Moelven to deliver pellets from Moelven’s new pellet factory in Sokna, Norway.

  • SCA Pellets is the new name for Bionorrpellets

    We rename our heat pellets to make it clear where it comes from. SCA Pellets is the new name for Bionorrpellets.