SCA Pellets will begin to use 35 percent recycled plastic in small bags for heat pellets. This reduces the use of new plastic by approximately 60 tonnes each year.

“Now we have a partially recycled material that works in our bagging operations for heat pellets. This means that we reduce our consumption of new plastic by almost 60 tonnes annually and thus also reduce our climate impact”, says Per-Arne Persson”, mill manager at SCA Bionorr in Härnösand.

SCA's animal litter Stallpellets, has been bagged in a coated paper bag for several years. A bag that contains of only 27 percent plastic.

Benefits of recycled plastic

  • Plastic that is recycled reduces oil consumption.
  • Using recycled plastic as a raw material instead of virgin material reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 37 percent.
  • Recycled material used for new raw materials is one of the most effective measures to reduce both climate impact and energy use.

Published 11/24/2021