We rename our heat pellets to make it clear where it comes from. SCA Pellets is the new name for Bionorrpellets.

SCA is one of Sweden's largest and most experienced pellet manufacturers. For over 25 years, we have produced environmentally friendly pellets of carefully controlled raw materials, mostly from SCA's own forest. Within SCA, we use every part of the tree. One product's residual product becomes raw material in the next. Of the sawdust, a residual product from the saw mills, we produce an energy-rich pellets of even and high quality that can be combusted in both stoves, boilers and heating plants.

Wood pellets are included in nature's cycle and do not add any new carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. In our pellets production, we use almost exclusively sustainable energy, including bioenergy, wind power and energy surpluses from local industries. SCA Pellets is therefore a climate-neutral and climate-friendly product.

During 2019 both brands will co-exist. Two brands, same pellets.

Published 12/13/2018

Binorr vs SCA