Collaboration Eolus

On July 7, 2020, SCA and Eolus signed an agreement to develop new wind power on land owned by SCA in Sweden and the Baltics. The cooperation agreement involves the initiation of projects that Eolus and SCA will develop together, as well as opportunities for Eolus to sign right-of-use agreements in other identified project areas in Estonia and Latvia. The goal is to be able to create a project portfolio of about 1,000 MW.

Eolus webside

Collaboration OX2

On 7 May 2019, OX2 and SCA signed a cooperation agreement to develop new wind power on land owned by SCA. The goal is to develop approx. 1,000 MW of new wind power within a five-year period with an annual production capacity of approx. 2.3 TWh. Initially, OX2 and SCA have identified a handful of suitable areas for wind power in Norrland. OX2 and SCA have started the development of these projects and further areas may become relevant. Right now 3 projects are currently in development Marktjärn, Rambo and Grubban.

OX2 website

Previous collaboration with Statkraft

Statkraft SCA Vind AB, SSVAB, was formed in 2007 to develop wind power on SCA's land in Norrland. SSVAB has built a total of four wind farms, Mörtjärnberget, Stamåsen, Ögonfägnaden and Björkhöjden with a total of 186 wind turbines, an installed power of 546 MW and a production of approx. 1.7 TWh per year. The company has been owned 60 percent by Statkraft and 40 percent by SCA. On 6 April 2017, Statkraft and SCA chose to change their roles in the collaboration through a new business settlement. As part of thedeal, Statkraft receivedthe entire share of the company SSVAB in exchange SCA, as the biggest landowner, receives an annual lease fee for the wind farms. Further information about the projects can be found on Statkraft's website

Previously owned projects

Wind project Överturingen Wind Farm

(Project area Länsterhöjden and Storflötten)

The wind farm was designed and sold by SCA and is located in the northwestern part of Ånge municipality. The Överturingen community is about seven kilometers south of Länsterhöjden and Ånge community is about 30 km east of Länsterhöjden. The project includes 56 turbines of 4.3 MW with a total height of 220 m. Construction of the wind project designed by SCA was completed in September 2019. The project is currently owned by Red Rock Power, a Scottish investment company and CapMan infra, a Finnish investment company. SCA performs consulting assignments for the project and has an agreement for the road maintenance during the winter.