We help our customers to identify and eliminate technical problems when it comes to printing process and production chain. Our specialists act as free advisors. Our R&D unit conducts evaluations and analyses.

Medarbetare LWC 4, Ortviken.

"Our customers really appreciate meeting us face to face, in their everyday workplace environment. They like the security that comes from having a supplier who doesn’t just make sure that the paper gets there, but who solves any problems in the printing process, too."

Our service increases our customers' efficiency and we want to be the personal advisor for you. Whatever the technical problem you may be facing, the chances are we've seen it before. So don't hesitate to contact us.

This is included:

  • On-site assistance
    A designated technician can always be reached 24/7. Our specialists help out with claims and services.
  • Consultation
    We share our expertise when it comes to paper choice, paper handling and printing techniques. We offer advice and education.
  • Quality assurance
    Our R&D unit offers perception analyses and evaluations of paper, ink and print.