We incorporate the customer into a transparent, carefully thought out, and sustainable value chain – and all simply by buying paper from SCA. We also offer our customers expertise and reports on our paper and our forestry operations.

Pappersrulle, Ortviken.

"You can help improve the environment, simply by buying our paper. Sustainability is the thread that runs throughout SCA’s entire range of operations. We have nothing to hide and we’re happy to show it."

SCA enhances the customer's own sustainability work. We are happy to share what we have learned from our long-term focus on sustainability and our expertise in the field. Our transparency ensures straightforward reporting of the customer's own sustainability goals.

This is included:

  • Sustainable products
    We supply printing paper that is certified and eco-labelled – with low carbon footprint.
  • Product-specific reporting
    We facilitate the customer's own sustainability reporting. Our environmental footprint can be broken down into detail at an individual product level.
  • Expertise and inspiration
    SCA has many in-house experts and a knowledgeable network of contacts. We are happy to advise, inspire and educate.