Our services is packaged into a service koncept called GraphoServices. Graphoservices creates added value for our customers who buy publication paper. With our long experience within logistics, sustainability and techincal support we offer personal support which saves both time, money and the environment for our customers.


As a major, international forestry company, we possess a wealth of expertise, competitive advantages and services that we are keen to share. We offer our customers help and support in such areas as logistics, sustainability and technical support. As an individual customer, you can gain added impetus from SCA's network and in-depth expertise on all aspects of printing technology, paper choice, logistics, administration and cost effectiveness.

GraphoServices is free for all of our customer and consist of three areas: GraphoLogistics, GraphoEnvironment and GraphoSupport.

Our services make your work easier

We offer the customer an analysis of their existing supply chain that enables us, working hand in hand with you, to identify areas where improvements could be made and efficiency enhanced. This could involve anything from smarter transport methodologies, and more advantageous agreements, to customised warehousing, reduced administration, and shorter lead times.

We incorporate the customer into a transparent, carefully thought out, and sustainable value chain – and all simply by buying paper from SCA. We also offer our customers expertise and reports on our paper and our forestry operations.

We help our customers to identify and eliminate technical problems when it comes to printing process and production chain. Our specialists act as free advisors. Our R&D unit conducts evaluations and analyses.