Our new paper SCA Frontier is the worlds brightest wood containing paper in its category and is included in our category Fine Wood containing Paper (FWP).

An uncoated paper like no other that pushes the boundaries between a wood-free and wood-containing paper. The difference in whiteness has never been less. At the same time, the paper offers high bulk and opacity - givning SCA Frontier an out of the ordinary premium feel. 

Fine Wood containing Paper

This is the category of paper that aims high. For paper that wants to go somewhere - that thinks, that is just the beginning. The beginning of something new.

Fine Wood containing Paper is a category of paper that explores the boundaires and challenges accepted industry norms when it comes to what a wood containing paper can be and can achieve.

Published 5/1/2018

A white and bulky feather in our cap

The worlds brightest wood containing paper in its category.

More bulk. More white. More possibilities.

SCA Frontier

SCA Frontier
SCA Frontier