Sharpen up by choosing SCA Kraftliner White Top. The dense composition of our SCA Kraftliner White Top lets ink transfer onto the print surface just like you want it to. Forget about common errors like unprinted areas or cloudy images.

SCA Kraftliner White Top simply makes the ink work like it’s supposed to. Colours are rich and clear, and there are no annoying dots or irregularities. It’s simply a surface you can trust for a great result.

There’s a small secret involved. We use fresh birch fibres, only 1 millimeter long. This results in a pulp with a formula perfect for printing.

It’s not an overnight success, in fact it took years for our in-house R&D department to come up with right solution. In the process, they tested countless different recipes, processes and fibre mixes.

They simply didn’t settle until they found the best solution. Neither should you.