When packaging gets alive – it gets noticed. Without great print the packaging is just a dull box. When the packaging is great you feel bad for throwing it away.

The power of great packaging can be seen in all the unboxing-videos on the Internet. It’s captivating like magic.

SCA Kraftliner White Top is not magic just because it looks that way. If you look closer and inspect the surface you will see that one reason for the print quality is the uncommonly smooth surface. One of the many reasons for achieving that, is our unique way to press the paper.

This is great news for you and your customers. No matter if your prints are offset, flexographic or digital, you know they’ll look their absolute best. Choose SCA Kraftliner White Top every time
the print matters – it will pay off!

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The future is here - ahead of schedule
We were aiming for our new SCA Kraftliner machine at the Obbola mill to be up and running with its new increased production in early 2023. But sometimes things just don’t go to plan … and it’s open for business now!

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Get ahead - by going green
Our new Kraftliner machine at the Obbola mill is the largest and most advanced in the world. We are also in the forefront of going green.

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Limit global warming
Did you know that SCA’s operations are climate positive? There are several initiatives and improvements made in our entire value chain.

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Growing trees will help us slow climate change
SCAs growing forest is an obvious contributor for drawing existing carbon out of the atmosphere, a vital factor in reaching the climate goals set by the United Nations.

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