We’re truly setting a new standard for sustainable production. Investing in a biofuel fired lime kiln at the Obbola mill enable us to shut down two oil fired kilns and thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20,000 tonnes per year. We made the same investment at the Munksund mill in 2015 meaning all our mills industrial processes are now fossil free during normal production conditions – no wonder we’re proud!

The new lime kiln, part of the chemical recycling process in pulp production, is fired with SCA pellets – a renewable residual product from our forest operation and industries. We maximize the value of the forest and get a resource efficient value chain.


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SCA - the first kraftliner manufacturer with fossil-free industrial processes

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The future is here - ahead of schedule
We were aiming for our new SCA Kraftliner machine at the Obbola mill to be up and running with its new increased production in early 2023. But sometimes things just don’t go to plan … and it’s open for business now!

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Get ahead - by going green
Our new Kraftliner machine at the Obbola mill is the largest and most advanced in the world. We are also in the forefront of going green.

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Limit global warming
Did you know that SCA’s operations are climate positive? There are several initiatives and improvements made in our entire value chain.

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Growing trees will help us slow climate change
SCAs growing forest is an obvious contributor for drawing existing carbon out of the atmosphere, a vital factor in reaching the climate goals set by the United Nations.

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