The shininess of prints on SCA Kraftliner White Top is for real. Pinch your arm if you like, but we can give you the glossy facts in fine print. The value is called Delta gloss. It is the difference between the gloss of a surface’s printed area and its unprinted area. The higher the Delta gloss, the richer and deeper the colours.

The high Delta gloss value is one of the key reasons why prints on SCA Kraftliner White Top always look so full of life – not faded or washed out.

So, what’s the trick? It’s through our unique paper machine process. With technology developed from expertise that can only be acquired over many years in our SCA Kraftliner production (some 60 years, to be exact).

Thanks to specially designed press nips equipped with innovative solutions, we are able to create an exceptionally smooth and even top layer, that makes prints truly come alive.

Now you know – Delta gloss, worth to bear in mind!

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