Design opportunities

Arcwise® is a concept for the premiumization of packaging and to create attraction and attention in point of sale. Packaging has less than a second to grab a customer’s attention in the razor-sharp competition in the store shelves. Research indicates that the shape of an object has a critical influence on how people react to it and objects having curved shapes are preferred before objects with sharp edge.

Arcwise® technology provides lightweight, rigid and at the same time curved shaped packaging, which entails designs of e.g. shelf ready packs (SRP) and displays that were impossible before. For example, the technology provides the opportunity to integrate graphic design with curved shapes which is a means to enforce the message that you like to send to the customer. Furthermore, packaging having round corners implies that that the space available for a graphic design can be more or less seamlessly extended to include several panels. The ultimate target is to increase attractiveness and sales among brand owners.

Packaging as nature intended

Packaging Performance

As a result of the curved shape, Arcwise® packaging has in many cases superior performance over regular corrugated packaging due to high compression strength and rigidity. Still, the packages can be transported flat to the erecting/filling operation, which entails efficient logistics. At targeted strength and stability performance, up to 30% material reduction are possible. The rigidity is an inherent property of curved shaped objects and there are many examples in nature where objects seek curved shape to optimize its strength. Because of the good material utilization the concept fits well into a sustainability framework.