Based on more than 20 years of experience in packaging R&D and world leading expertise in paper products, the development of Arcwise® technology was initiated at SCA R&D Centre in Sundsvall, Sweden. A team of world leading experts and “out of the box thinkers” is now leading the development of Arcwise®. We welcome you to benefit from the concept to boost your business!


Phone: +46 60 19 30 40
Address: Box 716, SE-85121 Sundsvall, Sweden
Visiting address: Sidsjövägen 2, SE-85237 Sundsvall, Sweden


Arcwise team

Besides licence agreements, Arcwise® are offering number of supporting services:


  • Assistance to box manufacturers in the production start-up and certification process
  • Erecting and filling support
  • Design workshops to educate design agencies, brand owners and box manufacturers about
    how to design packages with curved shapes using Arcwise® technology
  • Packaging design & prototyping