Always one step ahead

For your benefit, and future generations

SCA Kraftliner star symbol

We´ve elevated our brown Kraftliner to become the ultimate choice on the market. Producing Kraftliner for over 60 years has provided us with unparalleled experience, enabling another powerful leap forward and most importantly for our customers to get ahead. But it´s also for the benefit of tomorrow´s generations. Because at heart, our new offering is an investment in a better future. Developed to stand the test of time and take the challenges of the future in its stride.

With unwavering quality, we minimize waste and ensure smoother operations. Plus, our commitment to bio-based fuels and enhanced production efficiency, resulting in the industry´s lowest carbon footprint.

Furthermore, our remarkably smooth surface ensures exceptional print quality, particularly for visually appealing prints, thanks to the expertise we have brought with us from our mill in Munksund and further refined, with a triple-shoe press providing unique conditions for printability on our brown kraftliner. 

All of this has been made possible through a ground-breaking leap forward in mechanical engineering and digitization, permitting us to achieve world-class standards. And in being the world’s leading independent producer of kraftliner, we have now finalized the most modern mill in the world, prepared for the utilization of future technologies like smart senors and self-learning systems to for example predict strength levels and potential paper breaks. Those advanced technologies will allow more flexibility in production and greater responsiveness to market demands.

We are taking print on brown to the next level with an obsession to boost runnability and further improve sustainability. A determination to help our partners improve performance and grow their businesses. Simply put, to get ahead. So, we welcome you to join our journey. Together we make it happen!