All of our jobs have the force of the forest as their lowest common denominator. At our offices and production facilities, you can work with everything from operating technology to innovation management.

Wood purchasers:
with feeling for the forest

Meet people and do business. As a wood purchaser, you are the face of the company and are responsible for building confidence and relations. You have freedom with responsibility and a great feeling for the forest.

Freedom, variety and meeting people

Innovation manager:
get new things to happen

The digitalization of society affects the forest to the highest degree. How can we think anew? How can we become more efficient? You work creatively to interconnect everything we do with what is happening in society.

Process operator:
our key problem solvers

Around the clock, all year round, we produce timber, pulp and paper. The operator is the one to make sure that everything works. You work shifts and have lots of free time.

Here are some of our professional fields:

The art of engineering at all levels

We need engineers in such areas as health and safety, automation, inspection, block, construction, operating safety, electricity/instruments, energy, property, research and development, IT systems, customer services, quality, lab, surveying, environment, process, production, product safety, projects, maintenance and development.

Meet Sara Starrsjö, research engineer and industrial doctoral student

A feeling for the forest

The forest is our raw material and we use it 100%. Professions with sensitivity for the forest's loop are those of ecologist, field assistant, administrator, forest management, wood purchasers, nursery managers, nursery workers, wood specialists and biologists.

Apply for our attractive trainee program Karlolof Boman about his job as a wood purchaser

The operators keep things going

In production and processes, we need operators that ensure that our modern facilities are operated optimally round the clock. The work is conducted in various types of shifts, with long periods of free time in between. There are operators for such areas as energy, pulp, fiber, treatment, vessels, digester, soda recovery boiler, grinding plant, dryer, washing, rolling machine, timber, paperboard, sawmill and the steam plant.

Meet Martin Lundgren, operator at the soda recovery boiler in Obbola

Everything must be top-notch

Service and maintenance of our modern facilities are conducted all year round. Professions found here include project manager, engineer, technician, maintenance supervisor and planner.

The smart industry

Our facilities are among the most modern in the world. We work at the leading edge of digitalization and the Internet of Things. Professions in electricity and automation go hand in hand with this development. In this area, we require engineers, electricians, automation engineers, processors and fitters who can work both daytime and in shifts.

Structure and tidiness

Efficient finances, accounts and administrative functions are the glue that holds it all together. Here there are, for example, assistants, wage administrators, controllers, credit controllers, financial controllers, economists, lawyers, accountants, receptionists and telephonists.

In the right place at the right time

Throughout the chain from each individual wood fiber to finished products, it is important to maintain control of logistics and purchasing. Here, the jobs include operational and strategic purchasers, logisticians, supply chain coordinators, planners, resource planners, transport managers, dispatchers and container planners.

Sustainability is our beacon

Many of our professions entail caring for the environment and maintaining high quality for people and forestry. For example, we endeavor to only use renewable energy in our production. You can work, for example, as an environmental coordinator, lab technician, environmental engineer, technician, health and safety assistant, quality manager, quality assistant, bioenergy manager, health and safety engineer, health and safety technician, security coordinator, company physician or company nurse.

Read more about our environmental practices in the forest

Customer contact and communication

What we communicate internally and externally is important. Customer understanding, market analysis and sales strategies create new business. If you want to be involved in building our brand, you can work as marketing manager, communicator, information officer, photographer, sales representative or in-house salesperson.

With the future in your hands

Our research and product development are world-leading and we collaborate with seats of learning in Sweden and globally. If you want to work with a focus on the future, you can become, for example, a research engineer, R&D specialist, lab assistant, lab technician, industrial doctoral student or innovation manager.

Efficient systems and rapid support

IT is a major part of our everyday work and the IT department is at the heart of our operations. Here you can work as a systems manager, systems engineer, digitalization manager, systems developer, IT architect, coordinator, operations specialist and IT manager.


The people behind the successes

We are renewing ourselves and we are adding to our numbers. We are developing and will create new opportunities within the company. With 4,100 employees, there is a need for such professions as HR Manager, administrator, controller, HR partner, assistant and competence developer.