Grow with the force of the forest

All of our jobs have the force of the forest as their lowest common denominator. At our offices and production facilities, you can work with everything from operating technology to innovation management.

My profession

Wood purchasers with feeling for the forest

Strategic purchasing - In the right place at the right time

Industrial doctoral

The art of engineering at all levels


A feeling for the forest

Our job offerings

Industrial jobs offer many benefits

Our facilities are among the most modern in the world. We work at the forefront of digitization and the Internet of things. Professions in electricity and automation go hand in hand with that development. Here we need engineers, electricians, automation technicians, preparers and installers who work both during the day and in shifts.

Shift work is perfect for me

Everything must be top-notch

Have a career without university degree

Structure and tidiness

Business Services

Sustainability is our beacon

Sustainable development

Customer contact and communications

With the future in your hands

Innovation and research

Efficient systems and rapid support

IT openings

The people behind the successes

SCA as employer