Meet some of our employees. At SCA, we work in different ways with the force of the forest for a sustainable future. Our hearts strike a little extra for everything between seeds and pines, as we develop and grow with the forest. Come along!

Marija Dahlstedt

Sawmill Operator
Marija Dahlstedt, SCA Wood

Hanna Norgren karriärfilm

Strategic Purchaser
Hanna Norgren, SCA Logistics

Maintenance Supervisor
Jeanette Ögren, SCA Underhåll

Wood purchaser
Karlolof Boman, Lycksele

Industrial doctoral
Sara Starrsjö, R&D Centre

Process operator
Martin Lundgren, Obbola paper mill

Alma Gustafsson

At SCA, we have a lot of people who know a lot about the forest. Yes, our hearts beat a little extra for everything seeds and pines. Here we work for a better and more sustainable future while we develop and grow with the forest. Read some of our foliage stories. "The best thing about working with the forest is that we are involved in creating a sustainable future. It really feels like I'm doing something important because SCA as a company contributes to something good for both the environment and society."

Alma Gustafsson, Recruitment Specialist

Johan Blomqvist

"As I work with the forest, I know that I am contributing to a better and more sustainable world, for generations to come. And the people at SCA are so positive and interested. There is a strong sense of success."

Johan Blomqvist, Business Import Manager

Viktoria Bergenstråhle

"It feels meaningful to work with the forest. Renewable energy contributes to a more sustainable future. SCA is a large and stable company and the prospects for me as an employee are very bright. If I put my best foot forward, there are endless opportunities for me to develop."

Viktoria Bergenstråhle, Buyer

Henriette Jakobsson

"I grew up in the Dalarna forests and there is not much that beats a walk in the forest. SCA takes advantage of the forest in a way that I respect and stand behind. The company has been around for a long time, but our journey is not complete. I am able to develop in my work and at the same time grow on a personal level. A big plus in the job is all wonderful and interesting people I meet daily! "

Henriette Jakobsson, Service Technician

Ludvig Persson

"The forest is a renewable raw material, and we have only just begun to understand its uses and potential.”

Ludvig Persson, Maintenance Engineer