Lotta Åkre

Over the years, I have had many different roles and workplaces within SCA. I can relate to both the production and the products and know where things have their origins. The forest industry is interesting and contains so much.

I began as an operator at Ortviken paper mill straight after leaving school. I then gained an interest in the forest industry and decided to study to become a forester. After my studies, I returned to Ortviken's marketing department and worked as head of production planning and supply chain management.

At Ortviken, we built up a customer service center, which I was responsible for. I was then given the offer to transfer to Östrand and to work with the same tasks, but for pulp. There, I also got the chance to work with sales, assuming responsibility for a number of markets.

For the past eleven years, I have been with SCA Logistics. Initially, I was freight manager, with responsibility for sea transports, and now most recently I have been commercial manager, which also includes responsibility for road and rail transports and terminals throughout Europe.

My curiosity and interest in developing operations and logistics for SCA have led to exciting new assignments.

Charlotta Åkre, commercial manager, SCA Sourcing & Logistics.