Karl Larsson

The forest is the foundation of all of our operations. I am proud that we place value on the entire tree and use 100%; we are unique in this respect. SCA has a generous forward-looking spirit and desire to invest, and it is inspiring to be a part of that.

I started out as a summer worker in forestry monitoring. After that, I worked as a transport supervisor, production supervisor, development manager, production manager for bioenergy issues, regional manager for biofuel, and now I am a forest manager.

As a forest manager, I have the overall responsibility for all of our forest operations on the administrative side, which entails taking care of SCA's own forests, timber purchases from private forest owners and felling. The safety and contentment of my coworkers is a key part of the job. In my region, Jämtland, we are 55 employees based at eight offices. We are a good team that has dedication and pride.

The breadth of professions that SCA can offer is perfect for my curiosity. Over the years, I have built up a network of contacts in the organization and become acquainted with many different parts of it. I see the big picture, as well as the contribution I can make.

Karl Larsson, Forest manager Jämtland.