Erik Olsson

With a positive attitude, you can go far. And you don't need to be an expert from the very beginning. I have thrown myself into new roles, without knowing what I was getting into. Thankfully, it is acceptable to ask stupid questions. We have a good working climate and put a lot of effort into the dialogue between coworkers. It means that everyone feels part of the gang.

I had a summer job as an operator when I was studying at university. When I became a qualified engineer, I already had a job at the paper mill in Obbola. After that I became head of maintenance and now I work as process technology manager on projects.

It's important to say yes when you are offered an opportunity. Hard work and determination are two other good qualities to have in mind. SCA has many career paths within the company, with a broad offering of training courses. The business is being constantly developed and that is why there are extensive opportunities to try out new jobs.

Erik Olsson, Process technology manager Obbola.