We are using the force of the forest to build a sustainable future. Regardless of your professional role or area, you are naturally a part of this.

Our businesses
Our businesses
Our businesses

Your career path

Have you worked in the industry for a long time and are interested in new challenges? Then we can offer you a whole range of positions at the forefront of development. With us, you will have all opportunities to further advance your career.

Do you want to change sector? Even if you don't have exactly the right competence, your experience may be just what we are looking for.

Are you a recent graduate? With us, you become one of the team, surrounded by competent and more experienced colleagues. We believe in the dynamic that arises when innovative thinking meets experience.
If you have the will and the drive, we have the flexible career paths. This is true regardless of whether you want to broaden your knowledge or focus on becoming a specialist. At SCA, you can change between business areas, administration, production facilities, or work at headquarters with overall issues and challenges.
Together, we can continue to develop. Find out about our vacancies here

From forestry to sales

At SCA, we are about 4,100 employees in Sweden and in our markets in Europe. The forest is the core of all of our operations and we use the entire tree in our efficient and integrated value chain. With us, you can work with forestry, forestry management, production, technology, maintenance, product development, communications, marketing, sales, research, renewable energy, HR and finance.

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Our professions
Our professions
Manöverrum, såglinjen, Tunadals sågverk.

Become a process operator

Together with Umeå University and Mid Sweden University, we offer a specially designed two year course for those wishing to become process operators. Labor that is in demand, teamwork, responsibility, shiftwork and a large amount of free time are some of the advantages of this job. Read more at www.processoperator.net

Karl Larsson skogsförvaltare Jämtland

The forest is the foundation of all of our operations. I am proud that we place value on the entire tree and use 100%; we are unique in this respect. SCA has a generous forward-looking spirit and desire to invest, and it is inspiring to be a part of that.

Karl Larsson, forest manager Jämtland

Erik Olsson

With a positive attitude, you can go far. And you don’t need to be an expert from the very beginning. I have thrown myself into new roles, without knowing what I was going to do. Thankfully, it is acceptable to ask stupid questions. We have a good working climate and put a lot of effort into the dialogue between coworkers. It means that everyone feels part of the gang.

Erik Olsson, process technology manager Obbola

Charlotta Åkre

Over the years, I have had many different roles and workplaces within SCA. I can relate to both the production and the products and know where things have their origins. The forest industry is interesting and contains so much.

Charlotta Åkre, Commercial manager, SCA Transforest

Try it out

If you are curious and want to learn more, we encourage job rotation. With this, you can try out a different profession within SCA, work in parallel with others and gain insights that are useful for you and for us. If you want to continue to develop, we can work together to establish a clear plan for how this can be done.

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