SCA depends on motivated, competent and high-performing employees who have personal drive and who dare to be innovative and have a new way of thinking.

SCA encourages everyone to think outside the box, which creates an innovative work environment. SCA's corporate culture is very conducive to innovation and we motivate employees by giving responsibility and expecting accountability, by involving and empowering our people as well as giving and taking continuous feedback.

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Munksund sawmill, SCA Timber, SCA Forest Products.

Core values

SCA's mission, vision and core values are important tools in creating a company in which employees are united by common goals and in a shared ambition. Our core values are respect, excellence and responsibility. Read more about our core values:


Within SCA, all employees should reach their full potential. SCA's ambition is therefore to have the world's best leaders who are able to:

  • Involve and empower the employees
  • Drive performance
  • Give and take continous feedback

Compensation and benefits

SCA's reward culture is based on high performance, where every employee recognizes the need to add value for customers and shareholders, and understands the link between her or his contribution and the business priorities.

Your Development
We want you to reach your full potential and take the lead for your own development. Your development plan will be a mix of the business needs and your individual aspirations where your attitude, drive and performance are crucial.

We offer you a local market competitive compensation and benefit program related to your individual performance. The aim is to encourage professional development and high performance.

Work-Life Balance
At SCA we care for you as an employee. We strive to create a healthy work situation and environment that empowers a sustainable and fun working life, regardless of where in life you stand.


At SCA, diversity is central to the Group's success, enabling it to attract the most competent individuals, stimulate continued innovation and meet the needs of various markets, customers and consumers.