SCA participates every year in the technical internship “Tekniksprånget" (“The Technology Leap”). SCA has been one of the participating companies since the start 2012.

The internship is aimed at young people who are between secondary school and further studies at college or university. This year's round of “Tekniksprånget" started in September and will continue until December. During their first weeks they were invited to an introduction at the Head Office in Sundsvall. During the time at SCA, they will get to know their workplace, but also visit other SCA operations.

The program also includes a personal task and a common group assignment. Like last year the personal task is “How SCA as an employer can become more attractive to young people”. 

At SCA there are many exciting professions and a lot of younger people are interested in sustainability issues and there the forest has many exciting areas. Of course, we also want them to thrive and be attracted to apply for higher technical education after their time with us. 

During 2021 we will have five participating young people with us at SCA. This year the participants will be at SCA R&D Centre and SCA Sourcing & Logistics.

This year's participants, from left: Elin Stål, Emma Solberg, Daniel Andersson, Clara Nordberg och Jack Ydehall.

More about “Tekniksprånget”
Since the internship started 2012, approximately 70 young people have been with us at SCA, and several of them have later decided to continue with a higher technical education. The statistics show that about 83 percent choose to study after the program, and of these, 78 percent choose a higher technical education.

Behind the initiative is both Swedish government and employers, and the aim is to attract more young people to higher technical education. Tekniksprånget is managed by The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences