Researchers and Postgraduates

As a researcher and postgraduate, you are important to us. New knowledge and research mean that we can constantly develop. We have long-term collaborations with several universities in Sweden and in other countries. Business-related research provides connection to reality and engagement for the students. We also encourage employees who have worked within SCA for a while to research, for both their own and the company's development.

I had worked as a research engineer and specialist at the SCA R&D Center for ten years before starting as an industrial PhD student. My thesis was about mechanical pulps and achieving high brightnesses on bleached pulp. After I finished my dissertation, I tried different roles, in development departments, in production at Östrand pulp mill and as lab manager at Ortviken paper mill. Right now I work as a product specialist at SCA Sourcing & Logistics. Having continuous learning is something I really appreciate.

Anette Karlsson

Industrial PhD student