As a researcher and doctoral student, you are important to us. New knowledge and new research findings enable us to constantly develop. We have long-term collaboration with several seats of learning in Sweden and abroad. Research that is relevant to our operations provides a connection with reality and involvement for the students. We also see that employees who have been working for a while can make the step into the world of research for both their own development and that of the company.

Jonas Johansson

Wood is a fantastic material with fine properties, but it also presents challenges. Certain products have undergone various treatment processes to reduce difficult properties and my research highlighted the market-related aspects of this.

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Anette Karlsson

I had worked as a research engineer and specialist at R&D for ten years before I started as an industrial doctoral student. My thesis was about mechanical pulps and achieving high levels of brightness for bleached kraft pulp.

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Industrial doctoral student

As an industrial doctoral student, you are employed by us, but are registered as a doctoral student at a seat of learning. You conduct research in the academic environment for a certain percentage of your worktime and spend the remainder of your time working within SCA's operations. The scope of the research studies can vary over time. The initiative to become an industrial doctoral student can come from yourself, from your seat of learning or from us. Together, we establish objectives and guidelines for our knowledge-sharing and competence development.