I attended the forester program with a focus on industrial economics and studied in both Umeå and Uppsala. I wrote my degree project at Rundvik Sawmill and it involved the logistics flow to the US and how it could become better. I now have a permanent position as a market optimizer and am extremely satisfied.

There were several reasons for my choice of education, for example, that it is broad, but also because the forest industry is here, where the trees grow and it is difficult to relocate. Working with the forest's products is really something I can support, it is a fantastic material and a product of the future. Since everything that can be made of oil can theoretically also be made of wood fiber, there is enormous potential and the opportunity for new areas of application.

Just as I was about to start my degree project, I was at a presentation by SCA's President and became inspired. I contacted the company afterwards and was referred to Rundvik Sawmill. Doing my degree project here taught me a great deal, it was a lot of fun to really immerse myself in a subject.

When my degree project was finished, I received an offer to stay on. I have made further studies of all of the flows inside the gates of the sawmill and learnt more about how everything works and fits together in the sawmill operations.

During my probation period, I was given time to learn from other, experienced coworkers to get to know the job and the "sawmill approach." It is also good to know that there are opportunities to develop further in SCA if I want to.

Annika Luther, market optimizer Rundvik Sawmill