As a degree project employee, you immerse yourself in an issue, at the same time as you get to know the organization. Several of those who have done degree projects with us have become dedicated to the operations and return to us after they qualify – as employees or as part of a doctoral position.

Degree projects are granted according to requirements and when good mentoring is available. Here are some examples of study areas:

Processes and products:

  • Optimization/development of processes and methods.
  • Improvement of existing products.
  • Development of new products.
  • Using residual products for new areas of application.
  • Comparisons between analysis methods and/or analysis instruments.


Energy and environment:

  • Studies in energy saving.
  • Sustainability calculations and studies.

Annika Luther

I attended the forester program with a focus on industrial economics and studied in both Umeå and Uppsala. I wrote my degree project at Rundvik Sawmill and it involved the logistics flow to the US and how it could become better. I now have a permanent position as a market optimizer and am extremely satisfied.

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Fredrika Sundvall

I studied chemical engineering in Luleå and when it was time to do my degree project, I applied further south. At SCA, there was a project related to the introduction of hardwood black liquor into the softwood digester and that was where I was given the chance to do my degree project. We studied how we could make better use of the raw material and achieve a stronger pulp.

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